Are you looking to integrate your system with Fidelity Fulfilment?

For Supply Chain customers, suppliers, 3PL warehouses, or other systems that don’t already connect with Fidelity Fulfilment, Crossfire Integration can set you up seamlessly — taking the complexity out of automating business processes.

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Introduce true efficiency to your business and supply chain

Crossfire provides the most comprehensive Fidelity Fulfilment EDI integration solutions. Our proven approach is flexible and customisable to exactly what you need, ensuring your business is getting the most it can from automation. We’re trusted by a wide range of customers to supply fully managed EDI services, ensuring a robust and efficient integration between Fidelity Fulfilment and external service providers.

Benefits of Crossfire's EDI integration with Fidelity Fulfilment

Our extensive network of global retailers, supply chain partners and software means you can integrate with Fidelity Fulfilment quickly, providing the following benefits:

Want to know more about the benefits of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)?

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Automated data flow

An automated ordering process that reduces errors and increases efficiencies


Simple pricing

Unlimited messages, Crossfire is a fixed monthly price.


Fully managed service

Working with us requires no in-house EDI knowledge, we take care of everything involved in your integration.


Fast and proven integration

Crossfire can draw on years of experience with various system integrations and take into account unique business processes when developing a solution.


Fully EDI compliant

With EDI in place, you will be able to fast track order turnaround times and be fully compliant with Fidelity Fulfilment.

Fidelity Fulfilment Integration with Crossfire - Use Cases

Common EDI Requirements

  • Outbound Orders

    Send sales orders to Fidelity Fulfilment.

  • Outbound Order Shipments

    Receive updates when customer orders are shipped from Fidelity Fulfilment.

  • Purchase Orders

    Advise Fidelity Fulfilment of incoming goods that are being sent to their warehouse.

  • Purchase Order Receipts

    Receive confirmed quantities once your goods have been received into Fidelity Fulfilment warehouse.

  • Warehouse Transfer

    Request stock to be moved between warehouses.

  • Warehouse Transfer Receipt

    Be advised when the stock has been received into the destination warehouse.

  • Stock on Hand or stock adjustments

    As required, receive stock on hand or stock adjustments from Fidelity Fulfilment if any goods are damaged, returns are received, etc.

How to get started with Crossfire

Step 1

Tell us about you

Tell us who you want to connect with i.e. your trading partners.

Step 2


Determine the integration method (EDI/API), the message standards and systems to be used.

Step 3


Find out your connectivity details, how we will connect to your system and your partner’s system.

Step 4


We then complete testing to ensure a robust service and that everything works, then you’re ready to have your integration up and running!

What is Fidelity Fulfilment?

Fidelity was founded in 2010 by Stephen Williams and Simon Vincent. Their background in mission critical 3PL, warehousing, e-commerce and B2B retail solutions helped establish Fidelity Fulfilment as a company with innovation built at its core.

Fidelity set out to make things simpler for their clients, by building on experience and strong relationships with international manufacturers and OEMS to develop a better way of providing 3PL, 4PL & fulfilment solutions.

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