Monson is an Australian shipping agency that’s been servicing bulk vessels globally for more than 30 years. In a complex port environment where a ‘one size fits all’ approach is impossible, Monson provides a vital service - one point of personalised contact for shipping operators to get all their specific needs met when vessels call at all key ports in Australia.


Monson wanted a new financial software system that would integrate all of its data to enable timely and accurate billing and settlement with vessel operators and free up finance staff to focus more on increasing productivity.



The Sandfield team configured ‘On Account’ (OA), Sandfield’s own cutting edge finance and management accounting solution to integrate with existing vessel systems and details - meaning there was now only one source of true data to communicate accurately and quickly with all of its partners and customers.



The capabilities of Monson’s new accounting system has meant the value OA provides is more like a customer experience system in the seamless process it enables between staff and customer. The high quality and timeliness of disbursements provide an accurate and transparent billing record for customers, who can be confident that what they owe is consistent and correct.