The Crossfire Network

Businesses often come to Crossfire with challenges that integration alone can’t solve. That’s where our partners come in.

We partner with a broad range of industry experts, consultants, and system vendors all wanting to connect businesses together for better outcomes.

Our partners then reap the benefits of Crossfire’s fully-managed integration platform and service as an extension of their offering.

Common Crossfire Partners

  • System/Cloud Consultants
  • Business Consultants
  • Accountancies
  • Virtual CFO’s
  • Inventory, Financial and IT System Vendors

Crossfire Partner Program for Consultants


Crossfire works with a range of system consultants, business consultants, and accountancies who assist in the setup, configuration, installation, and onboarding of systems when customers are moving to a new platform or are trying to get more out of their current tech stack.

For this, Crossfire becomes your fully-managed integration partner – ensuring you always deliver to your clients in full and on time.

Why become a Crossfire partner?


  • Expand your service offering with additional integration capabilities at your fingertips
  • Gain quality leads directly from the Crossfire network
  • Guarantee quality and service levels for project implementations
  • Get access to regular training, support materials, and our dedicated integration experts
  • Boost revenue through attractive billing models
  • Choose from a ‘hands-on’ or ‘hands-off’ approach to sales, implementation, and support
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Crossfire Partner Program for System Vendors


Crossfire is the go-to integration partner for inventory management, accounting, and IT systems who want to extend their product’s capabilities through streamlined data flow.

Crossfire works with your system and customers to understand their exact business needs, which help them connect with trading partners, 3PLs, and other systems through a fully-managed integration service.

Our Partners

Experienced in Financial Management, Operations, and Accounting for early stage startups. With over 120 full-time employees, 200 clients, from six US and two international offices. Propeller works with systems such as DEAR, Shopify, and Quickbooks, amongst other systems.
New York, San Francisco, Austin, Boulder, Sun Valley, and LA.
Helps inventory businesses do more with cloud software. Waypoint work with a range of inventory systems, but specialises in EAR. Offering an initial free consultation to work through your business requirements, they’ll then implement systems that will help your business grow.
UK, Sydney, and Australia.
Specialises in Dear System, Cin7, Xero and a range of other systems, depending on your business needs. Tim at Growthpath takes a pragmatic approach when assessing businesses and implementing systems.
Melbourne, Australia
Specialises in Unleashed and Xero provision. Link Solutions also offer Unleashed implementation courses, as a DIY option.
Auckland, New Zealand
Specialises in Dear and Unleashed provisioning across all of New Zealand.
Specialises in Dear Systems provisioning in Sydney, Australia.
Specialises in Oracle Netsuite integrations in New Zealand
ALTSHIFT is an independent consultancy specialising in Cloud ERP and SaaS solutions. We add value to online systems that help Retailers, Wholesalers and Manufacturers improve their back-end operations.
Auckland, NZ

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