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Whether it's importing containerised or bulk cargo, devanning or working with international customs, Crossfire gives you confidence that your systems are up-to-date and your trading partners receive accurate information when they need it.

We'll work around your existing business processes by tailoring an integration that moulds to your business. With Crossfire's proven shipping line integration frameworks you have the freedom to scale as you want.

Total supply chain visibility


Share up-to-date status information to your customers or third parties on shipments and containers in the format they require with Crossfire’s specialist shipping line integration services.


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Integrate with Customs

Know exactly when your goods are cleared from Customs so you can operate at full efficiency.

As a certified supplier of both the New Zealand and Australian Customs, connecting your system to theirs is quick and easy with Crossfire’s shipping line integration

"Because we interact with so many customers, the solution needed to be very robust and have the ability to interact with multiple systems and languages, and be able to handle translation. This is what Crossfire could do what other suppliers couldn’t. They’re familiar with our customers and the challenges they have. They can offer solutions based on that knowledge."

— Jeremy Cox

Business Improvement Manager

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Crossfire supports shipping at scale

We'll connect anything, anywhere - including container transport, terminal management and freight forwarding systems.



Yes. Crossfire is a certified supplier of both New Zealand and Australian Customs. This allows you to know exactly when your goods have cleared to give full visibility to you and your trading partners.

We have integrated with some of the worlds leading shipping lines, including “K” Line and Monson. We work with shipping ports and customs to ensure information is accurate and up to date.

BAPLIE - A vessel bay plan that outlines the location and information about every container on a vessel. This occurs when a vessel enters or leaves a port.

CODECO - A message indicating that a container has moved through a gate at a terminal or depot. It updates the shipping line as to the whereabouts of a container. 

COARRI - A message sent by a stevedore to a shipping line, when a container is discharged or loaded from a vessel. 

ICR & OCR - incoming and outgoing Cargo Reports sent to customs from a shipping line.