Transforming EDI into a competitive advantage

Remove the hassle from data transfers with EDI integration specified to your needs. Integrate your business applications with trading partners of all sizes.

Simplify invoicing, stock management, ordering and more. Evolve your processes with the proven Crossfire approach.

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Streamline processes

High availability. High performance. Tailored to you.

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Prioritise efficiency

A fully-managed EDI service that works for you.

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Eliminate manual entry

No more keying orders or human errors with powerful automation.

Why use Crossfire for EDI?


Our fully-managed service (or EDI as a Service) means your integration setup and support is totally taken care of.

Outsource complexity with Crossfire’s end-to-end integration service.

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Our service


Setting up your integration

A one-off setup cost per connection includes:

• Requirements analysis
• Liaising with all stakeholders
• System and data review
• Implementation of formats, transports and rules
• Internal testing
• End-to-end User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
• Go-live

Monthly hosting and support

An ongoing monthly cost per connection includes:

• 24/7 phone and email support
• AWS hosting with 99.99% uptime
• No ‘per message’ fees
• Management of errored messages
• 24/7 system monitoring and alerts
• Maintaining system API updates
• Access to the Crossfire Orders Portal for easy self-support

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Automate unique business processes

Go beyond any out-of-the-box solution with custom EDI integration, no matter the business case.

  • Price validation

Checking the price a retailer has sent for a product on an order.

  • Price adjustment

Changing the price based on prices in your system.

  • Batch auto assign

Automatically assign FIFO batches, instead of manually selecting.

  • Warehouse allocation

Allocating an order to the nearest geographic warehouse.

  • Product matching

Converting the client’s product code to yours.

  • Automated acceptance

Automatically accepting orders if there is enough stock.

No matter the type or format


Full spectrum connectivity

  • AS2
  • VAN
  • Email
  • A range of other services via APIs such as MSMQ
  • For VAN connectivity we use our partners in the USA, Loren Data

Across any message format

  • ANSI X12
  • Delimited (CSV, TSV)
  • XML
  • Email
  • Fixed Length Flat Files

  • AS2
  • VAN
  • Email
  • A range of other services via APIs such as MSMQ
  • For VAN connectivity we use our partners in the USA, Loren Data
  • ANSI X12
  • Delimited (CSV, TSV)
  • XML
  • Email
  • Fixed Length Flat Files

Case Study

How OOB Organic developed a fruitful business with EDI

Robert Auton, CEO of OOB Organic, talks about how they used EDI to scale from a small grower of organic blueberries to a global player supplying organic frozen fruit and vegetables to over 3,500 supermarkets around the world.

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Link business-critical systems

Automate data flow directly between you and your partners’ most important systems.

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Connect with your trading partners

Leverage our history of integrating with trading partners across the globe. No matter who you’re integrating with, we’ll get you connected fast.

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EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the process of exchanging data between systems electronically, using networks. The challenge with EDI is that information needs to be translated in the centre of this process by an EDI system and should have monitoring in place to ensure bad data is caught and errored before being pushed through into another system. 

There are several factors that the Crossfire team need to consider when calculating the cost of setting up your EDI integration. We charge a one-off setup cost and a fixed monthly cost per connection, no matter the number of messages you send!

As each customer is different, we run a requirements analysis to understand your business requirements and give you a clear pricing breakdown.

Crossfire often helps businesses wanting to move away from other providers, due to cost, customer service, and the quality of the EDI solution.

Crossfire has strict processes around handling a smooth migration from existing integrations managed by incumbent providers, over to Crossfire, in order to have minimal impact on your business.