Fully automated; fully compliant

Whether you’re a retail or wholesale supplier, automate orders, invoices, order tracking, and more directly to and from your retail trading partners and 3PL warehouses with Crossfire integration.

Meet the requirements of retailers and distributors, and easily add partners as your business grows and evolves. We’ve worked with a wide array of systems and trading partners across the globe, meaning we deliver robust solutions across any industry.


A must for modern retail

Reduce costs, win back time, cut down errors and improve business relationships.

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Comply and connect

Whether you’re integrating with a retailer or distributor, or the other way around, comply and connect with Crossfire’s robust integration.

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Reliable support

Our fully-managed integration service includes ongoing monitoring and support — from the same people who set up your integration.

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Simple pricing

Our fixed per-month pricing is based on the number of trading partners you connect with, not the number of messages you send.

Why use Crossfire?

Our fully-managed service means your integration setup and support is totally taken care of.

On top of all standard message types like orders, invoices, ASN's, and PO's, Crossfire can implement custom integrations for unique business requirements. This can include price validation on orders, composite products manufactured upon order, special stock level availability rules or something more specific to your operation.

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Modernising a Kiwi-classic: Golden Goose Foods leverages EDI to scale their business

When Jo and her husband bought the business, they not only wanted to modernise a Kiwi-classic, but also embrace the concept of using modern systems to drive productivity.


Connect with your trading partners

Leverage our history of integrating with trading partners across Aotearoa and the globe.
No matter who you’re integrating with, we’ll get you connected fast.

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Link business-critical systems

Automate data flow between you and your partners’ most important systems.
We’ve partnered with most major SaaS platforms. Take advantage of our library of proven integrations.

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Crossfire’s fully-managed service

Fully-managed means your integration setup and support is totally taken care of.

Setting up your integration

A one-off setup cost per connection includes:

• Requirements analysis
• Liaising with all stakeholders
• System and data review
• Implementation of formats, transports and rules
• Internal testing
• End-to-end User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
• Go-live

Monthly hosting and support

An ongoing monthly cost per connection includes:

• 24/7 phone and email support
• AWS hosting with 99.99% uptime
• No ‘per message’ fees
• Management of errored messages
• 24/7 system monitoring and alerts
• Maintaining system API updates
• Access to the Crossfire Orders Portal for easy self-support

"Obviously we have a large number of orders. The EDI automation means that now it's all in the system and can be picked and packed so much faster. Someone who might have spent a large chunk of their time on data entry can now focus on what they're meant to be doing, like the sales side of their job"

— Kimberley Holland



Suppliers and wholesalers are often trading with multiple retail customers. By using EDI and integration, they can automate previously manual processes and streamline order fulfilment processes by centralising administration through a single inventory management or ERP system. This helps to reduce costs, save time and comply with their retailer’s EDI requirements.

Once your systems are integrated, most of your order fulfilment processes can be automated to reduce the amount of time manually processing. These processes include automating many of the most common business documents via EDI, such as purchase orders (850), invoices (810), purchase order acknowledgement (855), purchase order change requests (860), advanced shipping notices (856), order tracking and more.

Crossfire is a fully managed service whereby we take care of the end-to-end integration process. Our team works with you to set up your integration or platform – from gathering requirements and building your integration to testing with you and your trading partners and planning your go-live and monitoring once the integration is live.

Although your responsibilities in setting up and managing integrations are limited, there is still some involvement from your end, and this is a good thing. It works best when you’re involved in the requirements analysis process to ensure you get the most out of your integration. You’ll also be involved in the testing process and Crossfire will guide you through this. The purpose of your involvement in this process is to help you become familiar with how the fulfilment process works with EDI.

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