Our EDI solutions inject automation into your supply chain

Integrate your business applications with trading partners of all sizes through automated Electronic Data Interchange to simplify invoicing, stock management, ordering and more. With 30 years of experience supplying trusted managed EDI services, our proven approach transforms supply chains.

Eliminate manual entry icon

Eliminate manual entry

No more keying orders or sending invoices.

Easily comply icon

Easily comply

Compliance with retailer requirements.

Reduce errors icon

Reduce errors

Orders are not susceptible to human error.

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Improve business relationships

Keep your trading partners happy with seamless connections

Getting set up with Crossfire’s EDI service


Crossfire is a fully managed EDI service that takes the technical side of integration off your plate. Partnering with us requires no prior knowledge of EDI because we take care of the entire process for you, delivering a reliable integration solution that innovates supply chains.


Configuration of message formats between you and your partner’s system


Set up connectivity


Configure rules for order and invoice processing


Run end-to-end tests between the connected systems


Go live


Once you’re up and running, we monitor for any errors and advises, and resolves all issues (like invalid products, connection failures, or invalid addresses)

Go beyond standard EDI with our advanced integrations


Our experts can tailor each integration for your specific business needs, going beyond any out-of-the-box solution. These are some of the advanced integrations we implement for our customers.

  • Price validation

    Checking the price a retailer has sent for a
    product on an order.

  • Price adjustment

    Changing the price based on prices in
    your system.

  • Batch auto assign

    Automatically assign FIFO batches, instead of
    manually selecting these.

  • Warehouse allocation

    Allocating an order to the nearest
    geographic warehouse.

  • Product matching

    Converting the client’s product code to yours.

  • Automated acceptance

    Automatically accepting orders if there
    is enough stock.

"Karma Drinks supplies hundreds of customers throughout New Zealand and raises thousands of orders. The time that is saved and the errors that are avoided as a result of Crossfire's EDI integration are countless. We plan to further invest and align our inventory system with Crossfire. "

- Adam Turner

Supply Chain and Distribution Manager

How Crossfire’s EDI software works


1. Crossfire receives interchanges (files) from you or your partner, picked up via SFTP or over a VAN.

2. Each message is validated by the Crossfire EDI system to make sure it’s in the correct format and data matches on both you and your trading partner’s side.

3. Each message is translated into the required format and sent to the target system.

When does EDI become cost effective?

Full spectrum connectivity


  • AS2
  • VAN
  • Email
  • A range of other services via APIs such as MSMQ
  • For VAN connectivity we use our partners in the USA, Loren Data.

Handles any major message format


  • ANSI X12
  • Delimited (CSV, TSV)
  • XML
  • Email
  • Fixed Length Flat Files


Crossfire supports the full range of connectivity options.


Link business-critical systems

Automate data flow directly between you and your partners’ most important systems

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Trading Partners integration

Connect with your trading partners

No matter who you’re integrating with, we’ll get you connected to your valued partners fast.


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