Scalable, secure and robust enterprise integration



In the modern enterprise, all your systems and technologies across your business ecosystem must work together as a functioning, well-oiled machine. Our enterprise integration platform and experts tailor solutions to your desired outcomes. 

This means connecting your systems together and also connecting them to your customers, suppliers, and business partners to give you an edge. Crossfire allows you to easily embrace new data, SaaS apps and technologies to automate data workflows and significantly improve data exchange, all without hiring and training in-house resource.

Meet your business connectivity needs

Build integrations for a variety of use cases – from extending legacy services with APIs to sharing vital master customer data between your systems.

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Route messages between services at high volumes for large data exchange

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Monitor and control the rate of message exchanged between services

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Resolve contention between communicating service components

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Control deployment and versioning of services

Crossfire is your strategic integration partner


We deliver an enterprise service through our proven integration platform, flexible hosting options, advanced support packages and data security measures to ensure full confidence in your systems, data and transactions.


  • Streamline internal systems

    Connect the operating systems and applications that power your business for greater efficiencies.

  • Reduce risk

    No investment or burden from owning and maintaining hardware or software.

  • Increase performance

    Quick deployment, fast onboarding and easy to scale platform provides a better ROI.

  • Better manage resources

    No hiring or training costs – focus entirely on your core business and operations.


Hosted to your specifications


  • Crossfire is typically hosted in our Amazon cloud environment. This provides world-class uptime, redundancy and scalability at an affordable price for businesses.
  • If you prefer or require in-house control, Crossfire delivers private cloud and on-premise solutions to suit your specific need.
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Why trust Crossfire for enterprise?



Businesses getting an edge with Crossfire


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"We process over 750,000 messages a day and Crossfire breezes through it. One of the reasons we chose Crossfire was for its flexibility - we win business because we can comply with our customers’ EDI requirements."

— Marissa Monteroso


Crossfire processes confidential business information for enterprise companies. Our customers rely on us to protect their data and their systems.

As an ISO27001-certified organisation, we have developed a comprehensive set of practices and policies to ensure the security of your data.  We undertake annual audits to ensure practices are followed and standards are maintained. 

Detailed policies, processes and certifications are available upon request.

  • .Net built integration platform - built by our team over the last 25 years which allows complete flexibility around features and functionality.
  • Uptrends - Monitors system performance and notifies if any issues arise.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Our platform is hosted on AWS which provides reliability, scalability and high performance. We have three hosting options.
    • Powerful shared environment
    • Private environment with high uptime.
    • Enterprise - high availability with 100% uptime.

For SME’s, Crossfire offers standard pricing, typically this involves a one-off setup cost and an ongoing monthly cost per connection. 

For larger businesses with specific needs, Crossfire will work with you to understand exactly what you need and can then work with you to agree on commercials. 

Every business Crossfire works with is different, in terms of their internal business processes and how they use their systems and want data managed. Depending on the needs of the businesses Crossfire works with, rules/logic can be interwoven into the integration to further streamline processes that standard EDI wouldn’t be able to achieve.