Automated, centralised supplier integration

Automatically exchange standardised EDI messages with your suppliers in a way that suits you through Crossfire’s EDI and API integration.

From setup to support, leverage our fully-managed service and proven retail framework to provide streamlined connection points for your partners.

Why use Crossfire for your retail integration needs?



A self-service portal for your suppliers

For suppliers who are unable to achieve direct EDI integration, Crossfire delivers a centralised supplier portal, specific to your needs.

Empower your suppliers to process orders, provide shipment and fulfillment information and create invoices automatically through the portal. Behind the scenes, your portal exchanges data with your system via an API or EDI gateway.

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Success Story

Processing record-breaking order volumes with Foodstuffs


When it came time to upgrade their eXchange system to an eCommerce platform, Foodstuffs’ centralised supplier portal — integrated by Crossfire — set it apart from the competition.

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A must for modern retail

Reduce costs, win back time, cut down errors and improve business relationships.

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Track orders with accuracy

Take control of the entire purchasing process with eyes on purchase orders, shipping notifications and invoices.

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Standardise incoming orders

Streamline the receiving of order details, shipping notifications and financial data, in a format that makes sense for you.

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Your data, safe and secure

As an ISO27001 certified organisation, we’re trusted by enterprise customers to protect their data and systems.

Connect with your supply chain partners

Leverage our history of integrating with partners across the globe.
No matter who you’re integrating with, we’ll get you connected fast.

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Crossfire provides retail integration solutions that allow you to work with all of your suppliers through our EDI or API platforms. With digital transformation moving at a rapid pace, the need for EDI/API has become a necessity for businesses. Automation plays a very important role in order processing as it can speed up delivery times, reduce human error and generally make the whole order management process much more efficient. 

For large suppliers, Crossfire enables direct integration with them, allowing POs to be sent to suppliers, and receiving messages like ASNs, Invoices, and more back into your system from them.

For smaller suppliers, Crossfire offers a supplier portal where suppliers can log in and manage orders and invoicing. This is integrated with your back-end system to ensure that all processes are efficient and accurate.

We offer a range of commercial models, depending on your business needs, with three different hosting models for SME's up to Enterprises, Crossfire can scale up or scale down. We provide large-scale integration solutions globally, dealing with such retailers as Foodstuffs, Walmart and Amazon. Whether you have a small store or a large enterprise, our expert team figures out the technical complexity and business process challenges to help you get an edge.

Crossfire delivers supplier portals that act as an intermediary between the Crossfire EDI system and your supplier network. This enables suppliers to log in to the portal to electronically accept orders, update stock information and send invoices.

"The project was delivered on time and on budget. On-time was really critical for me, the Crossfire team understood the timeline we were working to and really respected that."

— Chris Monkton

Purchasing Process Owner

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