We only recommend using this calculator if you are a wholesaler or distributor looking for standard EDI integrations with your retail trading partners or 3PLs.

How we calculate savings

Our formula is based on the findings from the GS1 report that outlined cost savings from EDI. In our calculation, we've used half of GS1's cost savings, to ensure our calculation is conservative.

Some of the factors used to determine these cost savings include:

  • Labour hours for manually keying orders and data.
  • Transit time for emailed or mailed orders/invoices.
  • Hours spent manually reviewing and reconciling each invoice.
  • Hours spent finding and correcting data entry errors.
  • Cost of handling and archiving invoices.
  • Lost discounts or late fees from slowly processed orders/invoices.
  • Lost hours of productivity for value-added work (instead of data entry).

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Every business that Crossfire works with is different, meaning we must first understand what you want to achieve from your integrations before providing a fixed price. Internal business processes, how you use your systems and how you want data managed will dictate the overall price.

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