APIs for total system connectivity

Crossfire works with a range of industry standards and third-party applications to create API solutions that push and pull data between you and your trading partners’ most important systems.


Send information between you and your trading partners with specific restrictions


Speed up processing with real-time validation and feedback of messages

Expert API solutions for total supply chain visibility


Our API integration specialists can help you maintain real-time visibility over your supply chain — monitor orders, invoices, containers, and packages for anyone that’s integrated with your systems.

Get legacy EDI systems talking with new APIs


With Crossfire’s API integration software, data can be translated and pushed to other systems, making your legacy EDI system easily able to talk to new APIs.

How Crossfire API system integrations work

Crossfire connects to any API using any standard authentication mechanism.


Because every API is unique, a Crossfire module is provisioned to work with your particular API.


Crossfire API modules support all standard authentication methods, cater for rate limiting, and support JSON and XML standards.


Crossfire engine turns API data into standard messages, which can be translated, forwarded and processed in any way.

How Crossfire sets up an API integration


Crossfire works with you to understand what data you need to transfer between systems, as well as your business rules.


Crossfire develops system APIs that ‘push’ and ‘pull’ data between systems.


Crossfire’s technical team ‘map’ or ‘translate’ the data from your systems format into those of your trading partners and vice versa.


Crossfire tests the API integration ensuring you and your trading partner are confident the integration is robust.


Your system integration goes live. Your Crossfire Technical Consultant will carefully monitor your integration from the go-live date to ensure a smooth transition.

Link business-critical systems

Automate data flow directly between you and your partners’ most important systems

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Trading Partners integration

Connect with your trading partners


No matter who you’re integrating with, we’ll get you connected to your valued partners fast.


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