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Expert integration, made easy

Crossfire provides the most comprehensive Odoo EDI integration solutions. Our proven approach is flexible and customisable to exactly what you need, ensuring your business is getting the most it can from automation.

We’re trusted by a wide range of customers to supply fully managed EDI services, ensuring a robust and efficient integration between Odoo and external service providers.

Why use Crossfire for EDI?

Odoo Integration with Crossfire EDI Requirements

Common EDI Requirements

Have orders from retailers or customers automatically loaded into Odoo, via Crossfire's cloud EDI service. If you use a 3PL warehouse to manage your fulfillment, Crossfire allows any orders you'd like to be easily sent to your 3PL so they can fulfill the order for you.

If your customer requires PO Acknowledgements to be set by you, once you've reviewed the order, made any updates, or simply confirmed the order in Odoo, Crossfire will send a PO Acknowledgement to your customer automatically.

Once you've created a shipment fulfillment in Odoo, or if you use a 3PL and they've shipped the goods, we'll update Odoo with the shipment information, as well as send this to your customer, if required.

Once shipment information has been sent, Crossfire can sent an invoice to your customer. The trigger for an invoice can be configured exactly as you'd like.

Other EDI Requirements

Have purchase orders created in Odoo sent directly to your supplier via Crossfire.

Manage stock on hand or stock adjustments with your 3PL or suppliers via Crossfire.

Complete a Sales Invoice in Odoo and have Crossfire's cloud EDI send a pickup request to your courier or transport company.

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One-off setup cost

End-to-end integration setup



per trading partner

  • Requirements analysis

  • Liaising with all stakeholders

  • System and data review

  • Implementation of formats, transports and rules

  • Internal testing

  • End-to-end User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

  • Go-live

Monthly subscription

Ongoing management and support



/ month

per trading partner

  • 24/7 system monitoring and alerts

  • Phone and email support

  • AWS hosting with 99.99% uptime

  • No ‘per message’ fees

  • Management of errored messages

  • Maintaining system API updates

  • Access to the Crossfire Orders Portal for easy self-support

*Price may vary depending on IMS or ERP integration, or technical requirements after initial scoping is completed.

What is Odoo?

Odoo Point of Sale (POS) is part of Odoo’s integrated suite of business applications. The module is available both on and offline and provides unified data across stores and has an integrated inventory management function.

Odoo’s POS module is part of an open source collection of business modules that also include accounting, marketing, warehouse management and project management modules. Features of the POS module include wireless support, receipt/label printer, customer history, inventory tracking and automated ordering.

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