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Crossfire creates, manages, and maintains supply chain integration software to deliver greater efficiency through automation for suppliers, retailers, warehouses, and logistics companies.

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The Crossfire service

Put simply, you tell us little more than “we want to integrate with company x,” and we make it happen. It’s our job to work out what’s required, how best to do it, and to abstract any technical details from our clients (unless you want to know).

Every Crossfire supply chain system integration delivers guaranteed implementation and service levels.


System integration set up

Our expert team works with you to set up your integration or platform – from gathering requirements and building your integration to testing with you and your trading partners and planning your go-live and monitoring. We modify every platform, integration, and EDI message to your specific needs.


Hosted to your specifications

Crossfire’s supply chain integration software is typically hosted in our Amazon cloud environment. This provides world-class uptime, redundancy and scalability at an affordable price for businesses.

If you prefer or require in-house control, Crossfire delivers private cloud and on-premise solutions to suit your specific need. Either way, Crossfire manages your entire environment – no servers, security, performance, patching, or maintenance to worry about.


Quality 24/7 support

We pride ourselves on providing 24/7 human support from the same team that set up your supply chain integration – so they understand exactly what going on.


Simple, fixed pricing

Our fixed per-month pricing is based on the number of trading partners you connect to, not the number of messages you send so there’s no surprise at the end of the month. 

For enterprise customers, we offer a more scalable pricing model with additional support packages.

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- Chris Monkton

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