Goodbye manual processes, hello automation

Whether you’re a retail or wholesale supplier, Crossfire’s integration solutions automate orders, invoices, order tracking, and more directly to and from your order management system.


Integrate to meet your retailers’ requirements

It’s likely you’re here because a retailer or distributor wants you to integrate with their systems. No worries, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced supplier integration specialists work with most systems, delivering robust solutions across any industry.

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Integrate with your 3PL provider and Customers


Using a 3PL for storage and distribution? Crossfire’s EDI and API solutions work with any 3PL provider. Orders arrive directly into your system, then seamlessly go out to your 3PL.


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Why use Crossfire?


Fully Managed Service

We take care of everything from scoping requirements, setup and configuration to ongoing monitoring, issue resolution, hosting, backups and security.


Custom Integration

Crossfire modifies every integration and EDI message to your specific needs. This can include price validation on orders, composite products manufactured upon order, special stock level availability rules or something more specific to your operation.


Managed environment

Crossfire manages your entire environment — no servers, security, performance, patching, or maintenance to worry about. You simply get a guaranteed level of service.


Reliable support

Get 24/7 phone and email support from the same team that set up your integration.


Simple pricing

Our fixed per-month pricing is based on the number of trading partners you connect with, not the number of messages you send.

Getting set up

Getting set up with Crossfire is a breeze. Working with us requires no prior knowledge of integration because we take care of the entire process for you, delivering a reliable integration solution and support, tailored to your business.



  • Message format configuration between you and your retailer
  • Set up connectivity
  • Configure rules for order and invoice processing
  • Run end-to-end tests with your retailer
  • Go-live

Issue monitoring and resolution


  • Real-time message validation and error management, including invalid products, connection issues, and invalid addresses
  • Our team monitors, advises and resolves all issues


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Link business-critical systems


Automate data flow directly between yours and your partners’ most important systems


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Trading Partners integration

Connect with your trading partners


Whether you’re a retailer, supplier, transport company, or warehouse, we’ll connect you with your most valued partners through our trusted, specialised supplier integration services.



"Obviously we have a large number of orders. The EDI automation means that now it's all in the system and can be picked and packed so much faster. Someone who might have spent a large chunk of their time on data entry can now focus on what they're meant to be doing, like the sales side of their job"

- Kimberley Holland


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