Gain total inventory visibility


Crossfire's cloud-based 3PL integration delivers real-time visibility and notifications throughout the order fulfillment process between you and your trading partners.

Crossfire has developed the APIs of many ERP's and IMS's, allowing direct integration into your systems and your customers' systems. All of this automation and efficiency enables you to provide a better service to customers which will make them more likely to stick around. 

For smaller clients that cannot justify the cost of direct, end-to-end integration with their system, Crossfire also offers portal solutions that can be configured to integrate directly with your WMS.

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Inward goods


  • PO's - Easily get PO's from your clients into your WMS, outlining expected incoming stock from your client's suppliers.
  • PO Receipts - Once you've physically received the stock into your warehouse, notify your clients as to what you receipted.

Outward goods


  • Sales Orders - Receive sales orders from your clients straight into your WMS, via Crossfire.
  • Dispatch Notifications - Send your clients shipment and tracking information. If the shipment is going to a retailer, Crossfire can also send an ASN to them in their required format.

Stock Information


  • Stock on Hand - Send your clients stock level information, so they can compare this against what they have in their system.
  • Stock Adjustments - If you've made adjustments in your WMS (such as damaged goods), Crossfire can send this to your clients for review.

Integrate with any warehouse management system

Crossfire supports most warehouse management systems (WMS) right out of the box. Whatever the case, we can work with you to develop the best solution.



Integrate your 3PL warehouse with any inventory management system


Crossfire directly connects with 100+ systems, including Inventory Management, ERP and Accounting systems. If yours isn’t here, reach out and we’ll help get you connected.


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